Sunday, July 14, 2013

I am a traveler

Firework show at Pier Park in Panama City Beach.
July 5th. 

Fireworks are just magical to me. Standing in the sprinkles in a crowd full of strangers felt surreal to me.

 I have seen fireworks a few times before in my life, but every time this feeling of awe comes over me. The same happens when I see the endless ocean, the rolling fields on my way the school, and the ever changing sky! I am blessed to find amazing beauty in things I see often. 

I am a traveler. 

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Under 21 and Traveling

Those of us who are under 21, yet have the capability, responsibility, and independence to travel without anyone who is over 21, often run into difficulties.

I booked a flight and hotel reservation to Baltimore in April through Expedia. Personally, I prefer Expedia over most other sites. It is user friendly and seems to have great rates. 

I booked with them when my best friend and I went to New York City for New Years. A roundtrip flight and three nights in Manhattan was only $565.  

The daredevil in me decided it was time for my first trip COMPLETELY ALONE. So back to Expedia, roundtrip and three nights in Baltimore only cost me $430! 

Do dooo dooo dee doo, fast forward to today. 

I called the hotel to confirm my reservation that is in 5 weeks. 

Two problems, 
1. The check in age is 21.....
2. My name is not in the system.....

Ummmm....... what do I do now????


I called Expedia and explained my problem to a man with a foreign accent, but very good English. At first he said so was truly sorry but that is a company's policy, and asked if I would like to cancel my reservation.

He must have either heard the desperation in my voice or seen the puppy dog face I was giving the phone. Either way, he said he would call the hotel and talk to them. 

After a 20 minute wait the line disconnected and I flipped out. I was positive that this man was waiting for me to get tried of waiting and hang up, but when I didn't he hung up on me instead. 

My mind did not get long to plan how I was going to complain when my phone started ringing again.

It was the same man from Expedia. The call had been disconnected... sorry man....

Anyways, this wonderful man told me that he got the hotel to allow me to check in and that it was noted on my account to let me.

...I called the hotel directly to verify that I would be able to check in and the lady happily said I was covered and not to worry about a thing. 

YES!  D.C. here I come!!!!!

Now I just have to figure out the subway / train / walking / donkey riding situation. 
Any advice???????

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Monday, July 1, 2013

"Those who desire to travel always find a way."

We all run into amazing people throughout my life, for me, some of the most amazing people I have met have been complete strangers. 

A few weeks before I was due to board my flight to Heathrow, I was shopping in BestBuy for a converter. I had no idea what I was looking for, and the articles online only confused me more.
I tried asking an employee, but all he did was point me in the right direction.

So there I was standing in front of the many converters when a woman who was about 35 years old stood next to me. She asked me where it was I was traveling to, and of course I was eager to share that I was going to Europe.
The woman asked me a few other questions about my trip and after I responded she told me that my energy and passion for traveling reminded me of herself.
I was honored.
I asked for her advice on the converter and she pointed directly to the one I needed.
This lady had been all over the world and was only in Alabama to visit her sister before she went on her next journey.
I made the statement, "Traveling is so expensive, though."

She told me, "Those who desire to travel always find a way."

She said, "I have something for you," and began to dig through a purse with a million pockets. After a few minutes she pulled out a wallet. This woman handed me 80 British pounds. She said that she had just come from England and was not returning any time soon. When I tried to not accept her money, she told me to remember it one day and pass it on.

And I will.

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