Thursday, November 7, 2013

Her name is...

I like lists. And my favorite kind of lists are Bucket Lists. Today my girlfriend and I started our own. It is a list of silly and adventurous things we both want to do before March. For the sake of not posting in many months, I will rewind the clock.

August: I traveled alone for the first time, destination: Washington D.C. I was in New England for 4 days where I stayed in Baltimore and explored Philly and D.C. I missed my flight and stayed an extra day.

Then I started back school.

September: School continued on, and my love life was still nada (almost two years now.) But something new was happening, but I could not quite put my finger on it. I was mad all the time and frustrated, maybe it was just the three month long period I had from birth control, I dunno, but it sucked hardcore.

Then I kissed a girl. And I liked it. (Katy Perry moment) I really liked it. And I really liked her.

October: On October 2nd I turned 21. Woop woop! The same lovely lady that I kissed took me out for a night on the town. I threw up and even missed my flight to Seattle despite this wonderful girl waking up at 4am to cook me breakfast and made coffee and tried her hardest to get me moving, but it wasn't happening.

I ended up spending the day in Atlanta with a group of amazing Couchsurfers at a beerfest and Flux Night. But I missed this girl a whole lot.

On October 26th, we were both hosting a Pumpkin Party at her house. On October 26th she carved a pumpkin that said "Be My Girlfriend" and I said YES!

On Halloween we were Batman and Catwoman one day, and Daisy and Jay another. Twas a blast!

November: So now in November, this girl is a new and lovely part of my life. Her name is Beth.

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