Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lovely Lot :)

Hello ladies and gents!
The Lovely Lot. Loveliest of all, Joel in the highlighter jacket.

Lovely lot - a memorable description that my English tour guide used when he referred to the fifty American college students who were following him around like ducks. Joel, a wonderful man.

I spoke to one of my travel companions tonight. It has been a year and one month since we stepped off of a fourteen hour, or more, flight. We were discombobulated and what not in the Heathrow Airport, standing around looking at the strangers that surrounded us. Little did we know that we would create some of the best friendships of our life. 

We returned back home with friends all over the country, and memories that we will never forget. 

As I dream, and sink into a deep depression, about returning one day, I will be sharing some of the best memories from my trip. The memories are flooding back, and I NEED to write them down..

Locks of Love - Pont de Arts, Paris.
Have a lovely Thursday!


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charmeuse said...

Really beautiful ;)

Chiranjibi Sitaula said...

I liked your post..See my post also.